The Filial Sons take KL

The Trip

Day 1:

Unlike our last trip to Vietnam, this trip was just a simple shoot in and out trip into the capital of Singapore's neighbour, Malaysia.

This was the first time I have been to Kuala Lumpur, the Capital of Malaysia, in several years and I was looking forward to it. From what my brother and father have told me from their trip not 4 years ago was that Kuala Lumpur, or KL as it is more commonly known as, has changed significantly in terms of shopping and dining. In the past few years, KL has dramatically changed with new entertainment and dining outlets opening up and with the incredibly favourable exchange rate, now seemed like an opportune time to visit the city.

The reason for my trip was to visit my mother who at the time was doing a week long course in a specialised area of Pilates. Given the numerous connection options from Singapore to KL along with timing, my brother and I decided a weekend trip is feaseable. Given that firefly was a Malaysia Airlines Subsidiary we were able to book a return journey on Malaysian Airlines as the timing on the return flight was more favourable.

In preparing for our trip, my brother and I were discussing how to get to the city. There are a myriad of transport options that do the incredibly popular Singapore to Kuala Lumpur route, my brother and I decided to fly there as it was the quickest and most efficient option. Having done some research, we decided to try the Malaysia Airlines Subsidiary, Firefly, for several reasons. Firstly, Firefly offered connection to the old Kuala Lumpur airport which was much closer to the city compared to the new one and lastly, they were offering some incredible fares to the capital city.

After booking the tickets and doing some considerable research (some of this aforementioned research included watching different YouTube videos showcasing how Singaporeans react to being in Malaysia) we were finally ready to head to KL.

The journey to KL, mostly the initial part at Singapore Changi Airport, was rather interesting experience. We knew that our flight on Firefly would be on an ATR 72-600, a popular french propeller plane typically used by regional airlines such as Firefly, but what we didn't know was, was how we would be getting to the plane.

All flights from Singapore Changi Airport typically depart from the aerobridges but what my brother and I were about to experience seemed like a time machine back to the 1980s. We were escorted downstairs to a separate bording area where we would wait for our bus to the plane.

After we had alighted the bus which brought us from the main terminal to the plane we saw our seats and to our surprise they were premium leather seats which were surprisingly comfortable for that particular plane.

After a quick boarding we were soon ready to take off and during taxiing, I felt a bit nervous as my brother and I were in quite possibly the smallest plane to take off from Changi and we were surrounded by large wide body jet liners such as boeing 777s, 747s and Airbus A380s. Soon it was time for take off, my brother and I were seated right by the engine, a massive turboprop engine and we braced for the loud noises.

But to our suprise it was rather quiet so my brother and I sat back and enjoyed are short one hour hop to the old KL airport. We brought our ipads and our headphones to help pass the time on the flight. We were also given refreshments such as muffins, warm soy milk, tea and soft drinks.

As we approached KL we prepared for landing and after quite a quick decent into a part of KL I did not recognise we soon landed and taxied quickly to the main terminal.

After a quick breeze through immigraiton, my brother and I found our car to take us to the hotel where we would be staying at. Traffic was quite heavy but after sometime we reached the hotel in piece and settled in before we went out for lunch.

Prior to the trip my brother and I researched some dining options in KL and these were all sorts of cuisines.

The first place we went to was a little place called sitka in a neighbourhood area of KL called Dammansara heights which was reminicient of some of the houses of Queen Astrid Park or the houses off Sixth Ave. One of the dishes which my brother and I were keen to try was the buffalo mozeralla and tomato sandwich with cheese made locally in malaysia.

My brother and I had a very small and light lunch which consisted of a mushroom wrap with a salad, the aforementioned sandwich, a ginger and lemongrass soda and slice of chocolate cake.

Afterwards my brother and I decided to a popular Singaporean past time when coming to KL, shopping. We decided to try uber in KL as cabs in KL have been known to cheat you and scam you so my brother and I played it safe and used Uber and Grabtaxi to get around there. The Uber rates were absurdly cheap and this wasn't even Uber Taxi it was the regular uber black which in Singapore is incredibly expensive.

We went to a couple of malls in the main area of KL but we spent most of the time in this one mall called pavilion where my brother and I discovered nanoblocks, which are basically like lego sets but with increibdly tiny pieces and the amount of concentration to bulid it is much more, and the malaysian equivalent of robinsons and one of the KL branches of Din Tai Fung.

My brother and I decided to get 'afternoon tea' at this place and we got some lemongrass drink and steamed buns and dumplings. This filled us up nicely and we were quite content with that purchase.

After the 'afternoon tea' my brother and I decided to crash back the hotel only to be woken up by our mother who had just finished her pilates course for the day and soon we decided to go and grab some dinner.

We found a vegetarian place in the food court in KLCC which specialised in serving vegan/vegetarian versions of popular malay food such as rojak and laksa and nasi goreng.

The food was incredibly tasty and incredibly cheap too. After the dinner we found a rooftop bar called Marini's on 57. It is on the 57th floor of the buliding right next to the Petronas Towers and it offered some amazing views of the city. THey also served a cocktail which in essance was scotch infused with earl gray tea.

After the drinks we went back to hotel to get some rest for tomorrow in which we would be going back to Singapore but on separate flights. We were on separate flights as we booked separate tickets.

Day 2:

After a night of sleeping on what could be described as the worst bed in human existance, I woke up to wake my mother and brother up to prepare for the day. After packing and freshening up, my brother and I escorted our mother to her pilates class for the day which just so happened to be near the hotel we were staying at. After we dropped our mother off we realised we would only see her back in Singapore so we got an early morning coffee before my brother and I decided to go for brunch at a small Vegetarian Indian restaurant called Ganga in a tiny area near the Damansara area.

It was sunday so they had their buffet spread today at 16RM per person. They specialise in mostly Gujurathi food which traditionally is fully vegetarian and the taste of the food and the vareity was just amazing. My brother and I sucessfully kept ourselves happy and content till Singapore, in terms of food.

It was roughly 1 o'clock when my brother and I had finished lunch and we found that our grab taxi driver was willing to do an airport transfer to the current KL airport for 120RM in total for the both of us which for an 80 km drive is not too bad. This in turn worked out to be cheaper than taking a cab and a train to the airport. With a couple hours to kill before our flight my brother and I decided to pick up some dates from a popular date shop called Bateel, a brand from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in that same supermarket we found something my brother hasn't seen since his childhood. He stubled upon these particular cadburys chocolates and when I tried them I could see why he enjoyed them so much, the taste was so refreshing and delightful.

Afterwards we decided to head back to the hotel, check-out, collect our bags and head to pavilion to grab a cup of coffee before heading to the airport. I decided to get a green tea latte to calm my nerves to prepare for the week ahead.

After the coffee my brother and I decided to head to the airport to see if we oculd catch and eariler flight. After a 45 minute drive to the KL airport my brother and I rushed to the counter to try and see if we could get on the next flight and even though we were on super saver tickerts, we were able to change the flights and after clearing immigraiton and hitting up duty free my brother and I soon boarded our flight and we were on our way back home, happy to have had an enjoyable short trip in Malaysia.