The Filial Sons take The Republic of the Union of Myanmar Part 3

Day 3:

After the sunrise and a quick breakfast we rode back down the truck roller coaster and drove back to Yangon. We stopped by a monastery to witness their lunchtime as people come in from around the region to serve lunch to the monks.

However we had come on a bad day when there were large tour groups who had come to give food. It created a huge mess but thankfully we were able to get out before the main chaos started.

On the way back to Yangon we were passing through several farms and many farmers set up stalls on the side of the road. A lot of their produce is incredibly fresh so our driver decided to stop by a stall and pick some up. He purchased something called ice potato which you have raw. The taste was quite sweet and refreshing. According to our guide, farmers like to eat when whilst farming in the hot son as it keeps them hydrated.

Afterwards we stopped by a Buddha landmark which comprised of 4 statues facing in 4 different directions. After admiring the statue and taking more photos we headed back to Yangon.

When we got back to Yangon we freshened up and made a plan of action for the evening. We decided to get a drink at the famous Strand Hotel and then try a restaurant the specialises in food from the Shan region of Myanmar.

The strand hotel is Burmese equivalent of the Raffles hotel in Singapore, in essence a heritage hotel. From what I saw it wasn’t as well maintained as the Raffles hotel but still had some of that charm. After drinks we went for dinner at the Shan restaurant.

The Shan region is one of the biggest states in Myanmar. For over 40 years the people of the Shan were engaged in a long civil war which had caused so many children to loose their families. For the longest time that region was not open to tourists. Now it is slowly opening up and from the pictures I’ve seen it looks amazingly beautiful and one day I hope to visit.

In the restaurant we had some fried Tofu, potatoes, steamed mushrooms with spices kept in a banana leaf. The food also came with some shan rice, basically sticky rice cooked with some tomato paste and spices. Afterwards we went back to the hotel to prepare for an early morning rise to catch our flight to Bagan.