The Filial Sons take The Republic of the Union of Myanmar Part 4

Day 4:

The next day we got up early to get breakfast and head to the airport. When we got to the airport we had a huge problem, for some reason our flight to Bagan left an hour early and we were not informed. My family along with a bunch of other angry tourists had to scurry and find other flights. After a lot of arguing with the incompetent staff Mann Yadanarpop Airlines, we had to completely shelve our Bagan plans. We then decided head straight to Mandalay, Myanmar’s Second biggest city. The tour company had managed to arrange the accommodation and the plans for Mandalay.

After we landed at Mandalay we decided to head straight for lunch as we only landed at 12:40 pm local time. The lunch was at an Indian Vegetarian place in a quiet part of town. Afterwards we went to a Buddhist temple which had 729 marble slabs and each was in its own stupa. Each of the slabs represents a page in an old Buddhist book.

It is said that if they combined the pages together like a proper book it would be the world largest book. After going to this site we went out of this site to one of Asias longest teak bridges. It is made entirely out of Burmese teak and it is 1.2 kilometres long. We went there to watch the sunset and my god the view was amazing. You had the Irrawaddy river, the sun setting over the bridge and its shadow along with a vivid tapestry of light created an amazing image.

After the sunset we went back to the hotel to have dinner and prepare for the long day ahead tomorrow. Tomorrow we had to prepare for a cycling tour of some of the villages and archaeological sites just outside of Mandalay. Little did I know that it would be some of the most intense riding of my life.