The Filial Sons take The Republic of the Union of Myanmar Part 7

Day 7

The next morning we went to walk up Mandalay hill to see the view from the top which happens to be a Pagoda. This pagoda was built by the founder of Mandalay. The walk was quite leisurely and the view was sadly obstructed by some of the early morning fog. Nevertheless we managed to take some awesome photos of the view as the lighting was beneficial. After the walk up the hill we drove back to our hotel to freshen up a little prior to our flight. It was at this point where I started to feel sick and it slowly got worse over the course of the day. I managed to keep my composure throughout but it simply wasn’t getting any better. I was meant to go to a Christmas party with my family that night but sadly I had to head home directly and rest up.

The trip was incredibly enjoyable, I was in awe of the place and the culture and the food and the people were all just amazing. I wish the trip hadn’t ended with me falling ill and not enjoying my Christmas day.

All credits for the photos go to my brother Nalin Natrajan.