The Filial Sons travel across the United States of America: 21/02/2016 (Day 15)

We woke up the next morning feeling refreshed despite the drinks we had the previous night. We decided to take a long walk to breakfast as the weather was oddly pleasant. We decided to head towards a place which specialised in vegan cuisine. Having fallen in love with the Poboy I decided to try this variation of the famous sandwich. While this was very tasty it lacked a certain flavour and feel compared to the other one Nalin and I had the day before. We had this along with some delightful buckwheat pancakes before taking one of the city’s streetcars towards the Tulane. The wait for the streetcar was agonisingly long and to make matters worse the temperature was increasing to the point where it became hotter than Singapore. I thought it was winter but anything goes thanks to global warming.

The views from the streetcar

After the long streetcar ride up north to the university, we soon met up with Claire who first took us to see a small donut place which was incredibly packed.I am not the biggest donut fan but this one was so delightful and not at all sickly sweet. My brother decided to get himself a couple of sliders and a donut for himself. It all looked amazing and fresh. This bakery announces the flavours it is making on each day through its Instagram. You can guarantee you will find something you like as all the flavour options are quite diverse.

One of the donuts we purchased

After donut shopping, we decided to go on a drive towards the Mississippi river. We would be seeing it from one of the parks near Tulane University. Not surprisingly the river was polluted but the park itself was really nice.

The view of the Mississippi

Large expanses of greenery and people enjoying a bright sunny day. While we were walking around, Claire insisted that Nalin and I try one of the snowcone stalls. It is essentially shaved ice with a plethora of syrup poured all over it. I got myself a cheesecake and blueberry flavour. It was actually better than I thought and it helped us keep cool under the hot Louisiana sun.

After a while, we ended up going to Tulane as Claire wanted to show us around her campus. The older part of the campus was rather nice as it was mostly made up of older buildings which were very colonial-esque. One landmark which stood out was a tree that was covered in beads from Mardi Gras. It is a tradition for the students to chuck beads onto the top of the tree.

The bead tree

Afterwards, we headed through the campus and stopped by the art gallery that is a part of the university. They were featuring an artist who does these weird art pieces which are based on weird freaky animal-human hybrids. It was rather captivating, for lack of a better word. It certainly drew you in.

Some of the less jarring art

Afterwards, we continued walking around the campus before heading for dinner. We decided to go to a restaurant called Bacchanal which is where Nalin went to when he visited the city a couple years ago for his spring break. They specialize in serving artisanal butter and a rather hearty soup which Nalin and I ordered. The three of us had split a bottle of white wine to compliment the meal.

The soup I ordered

The artisanal butter

Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel where Nalin and Claire wanted to try the hot chocolates the hotel serves after 8. At that point, I was way too exhausted to do anything and just wanted a lie-down. I then bid Claire farewell at this point and looked forward to meeting her again soon. That night was our last night in the south. The next day we would be traveling up to New York City. This was an important milestone as this was our last city in the United States on our little cross-country tour. After that, it was back to reality. For me, the end of the trip would be the start of a new adventure that would define how I would spend the rest of my time in Singapore before university. But for now, I had to rest to prep for yet another early morning departure and another long day thanks to my brother’s ridiculous travel planning.