The writer tries to build a house: Part 4 - The Conclusion

I woke up bright and early in order to pack and check out. I aimed to catch the 9:30 ferry which would bring me back to the Hagnaya port by around 11 in the morning. The ferry journey itself was uneventful but the waters surrounding the boat were ridiculously clear.

The outrageously clear waters next to the ferry port

The waiting room of the ferry port

Soon after sailing across the sea we arrived at the port where I proceeded to wait for the next air-con bus which would take me back to Cebu city. However after waiting for about an hour and a half I soon found out the next one would only be coming at three. I jumped the next bus which would take me back to Cebu city.

It was about 5 in the evening when I finally reached my hotel in Cebu. I quickly freshened up and charged my devices before heading out for dinner in the evening with my father’s friend Gerry. He took me to a restaurant in the Ayala mall which served some very tasty vegetarian versions of Filipino food such as Adobo.

Some vegetarian Filipino food

We spent the time just having fun and getting to know more about each other and the ridiculous things he and my father did in business school. It made for a brilliant end to the trip.

After the dinner, I headed back to my hotel and bid a fond farewell to Gerry.

Me with the man himself

I thanked him for all his help during my time in this charming part of the Philippines. I made a promise that I would come back again to spend more time here to do house building. I rested early and prepped for my travel the next day.

I woke up early to grab a late breakfast/early lunch at the nearby Mall. I spent the time just walking around seeing all manner of shops that they had. After the short lunch which was at a nice build a pizza place I headed back to the hotel to check out. Soon after I left for the airport. I decided to go early to avoid any mishap with the traffic. I got there early and was in for a short wait before I could even check-in. After check-in I headed for the waiting lounge to wait for my journey back. I left the country with this longing to come back to do more charity work with these people. They have a passion and a drive I have not seen anywhere else in my travels. I look forward to coming back soon.

My little chariot home

The sunset views on my approach

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some very important people who helped make this journey one amazing experience. I would first like to thank Silkair for sending me there in the first place. By covering the ticket cost it allowed me to give more to the families whose lives were affected by Typhoon Haiyan. I would like to give huge thanks to Mr Macatulad and Habitat for Humanity Philippines for helping me organise an amazing trip. They did an amazing job and Mr Macatulad was able to help me ensure everything went smoothly. Last I would like to thank my father's friend, Gerry, who took care of me whilst in Cebu. I look forward to coming back again in the future and hopefully meeting all of you again.