🇨🇦... Eh? (Part One)

First of all I would like to apologise for the lack in blog posts. College in the United States has taken up a considerable amount of time. Anyway this is the first part of a long overdue Spring Break trip report from earlier this year.

The adventure begins

My small Spring Break adventure to land affectionately known as the great white north, i.e. Canada has been in the planning for some time. I have many dear friends who reside in the Pacific Northwest town of Vancouver as they study in the University of British Colombia or UBC for short. I’ve been longing to visit them for a good three years now. No gaps were available until March of this year. I’m currently a student at Skidmore College and happened to have a Spring Break which came at a reasonably convenient time for my dear friends up north. I also had a Skidmore buddy of mine, David, who lived in Seattle and offered to show me around. I decided to jump the gun and planed a weeklong trip exploring a smidge of the pacific northwest. I’d be spending majority of the time in Vancouver, Canada as it is a not only a brand-new city for me but also a brand-new country. My friend Annika so very kindly offered to put me up along with my ridiculous nonsense. David’s family also offered me a place to stay which I happily accepted and so the trip was set. I was not too sure what I would be expecting but I knew it would be one amazing trip.

My trip started with a bright and early flight from the nearby Albany Airport. The flight was set to depart at around 6:40 in the morning so I arranged for a pick up at the reasonably ungodly hour of 4 in the morning. Thankfully I was not alone in my taxi ride as a fellow Skidmore friend, Alicia, joined me for the thirty-mile cab ride to the airport. After a rather interesting and amusing conversation with the cab driver we soon reached the airport and was promptly greeted with the travel rush. The airport was incredibly crowded but thanks to TSA Pre, I was through in no time. Eventually I headed towards my first flight on my journey to Canada, a short two hour hop to Chicago. If everything was to go well, I would have at least an hour layover in Chicago which would’ve given me ample time to stroll to my flight. However, fate decided to make my trip more exciting by giving me 5 minutes to run from my gate to the next one before the next one commences boarding. Fortunately, I was only armed with carry-on luggage so I was able to run to catch the connecting flight. Four-hours later I landed in the warm and welcoming Vancouver International Airport. The warm embrace culminated with an hour-long queue at immigration. Once at the counter it took me roughly twenty seconds to clear and eventually I was out of the airport and in a taxi heading towards the UBC campus.

I was eventually reunited with my friend Annika. It was great to see her after not seeing each other for over a year. We spent the first few moments catching up and she also introduced me to her roommate Ramona. Ramona was taking part in a charity event that was taking place across Canada called Five days for the Homeless. In short, they would be living like the homeless and relying on their friends for food and clothing for warm and sustenance. They would be using the event to raise awareness for the homeless and raise money. The first thing we did in this new city was grocery shopping along with other errands she needed to attend to. Afterwards we headed back to her place to freshen up a little before heading downtown to meet up with some of her fellow UBC friends. With roughly six hours of sleep under my belt I was in great shape to take on the night. We went with some of her friends downtown before heading to a sports bar to enjoy some drinks whilst watching the Rugby 7’s which was occurring at the time. Annika and her brilliant group of friends took me to a sports bar called Shark Club (🦈) where we prompted ordered some Canadian brews to get the night started. (🍻🍻)

As the liquor started to pour in, I got to know more about some of Annika’s friends. Due to the bonding powers of alcohol, I got along with them nicely. Many a laugh was shared that night. The bar was filled with eventually filled excitement as Canada’s Rugby team were about to take on the Mighty Kiwi team, The All Blacks. Everyone was getting incredibly enthusiastic about the match. While Canada didn’t win, they put on an incredible performance against the dominant Kiwi team. Soon I started to feel a little “sleepy” and we eventually headed back to Annika’s place to all chill. Eventually the “drowsiness” kicked in and I caught some well-deserved rest despite Annika and her friends placing random objects on me. While I woke up in-between to remove said items, I didn’t say much and promptly slept.