🇨🇦... Eh? (Part 2)

The next day I woke up feeling reasonably “tired” from last night’s alcohol induced fun. I was woken up earlier than usual thanks to daylights savings. I was woken up by Annika who was incredibly energetic and announced that we would be hiking. I begrudgingly rolled out of bed, washed up and headed out with Annika to meet her boyfriend, Brent, who would be driving us. We soon met up and first on what would be today’s busy schedule, we stopped at a classic Canadian institution, Tim Hortons. I managed to have my first taste of this incredibly popular place and I was not disappointed. I had my first ever “timbit” and instantly fell in love. After the “healthy breakfast” we charged north towards Squamish to start the hike on the Chief’s hill. The drive to the start of the hike, despite the low clouds was unbelievably pretty. The road hugged the mountains rolling along the coast. Eventually after the picturesque drive we reached the start of the hike.

The first thing I noticed once I stepped out of the care was the large amount of snow and ice on the ground. I was “well-prepared” by only wearing sweatpants, a long-sleeved shirt and trainers (sneakers for my American friends). The hike was not daunting, the challenge only came from the occasional lack of grip owing to my excellent choice in footwear. As we climbed up the views only got better and better however we did reach a point where we had to make a choice.

We either could climb up the first peak or walk further up and climb a bunch of ladders and chains to reach the second peak. Brent opted for the first option. We soon set forth towards the first option which involved trekking through thick snow. Eventually we climbed up towards the first peak and we were greeted with not only more snow but a magnificent view of the township of Squamish and beyond.

We celebrated by having a customary “shot-gunning” of a beer can, which went down nicely, despite the brand of beer.

Soon after we headed back to the car as we had to get moving. However, Brent and Annika decided that since we were halfway to whistler and it was my first time to Canada, they insisted we should pay it a visit. So, we set forth for whistler, again in my “well-prepared” outfit. After about an hour of driving through some incredible mountainous scenery, we eventually reached Whistler. Upon reaching the famous mountain town, we proceeded to have a traditional meal from Canada, Mongolian Barbeque. After the traditional meal, we decided to venture out into the town, see the famous Olympic sign and pick up some souvenirs for myself.

I ended up purchasing a box of maple cookies which upon my arrival back at Skidmore, they got finished. It may or may not have been who consumed the entire box in one sitting. Eventually it was time to bid farewell to the town of whistler as we would be meeting more of Annikas friends for a drink that night. I was quite excited as my old buddy Vikram would be joining us in the evening. Eventually we reached back at Annika’s place where we all got ready for the night out at this one bar she wanted to take me. It was a place called the Shameful Tiki Room. I have not heard much about the place apart from the fact that their drinks were usually served on fire and were quite potent.

The long awaited reunion 🥂

After reuniting with Vikram we headed inside to the bar where we would get quite into the drinks. Annika was sharing a large rum bowl with three of her friends while Vikram and I elected to split a smaller bowl. We thought this was manageable until the alcohol hit us. We both looked at each other and realized we both made a terrible mistake.

Soon after it was only Vikram, Brent, Annika and myself. Vikram and I for no reason whatsoever started to reminisce about our favorite movies, The Producers (which we can quote the entire movie). This piqued the interest of Brent who, as it turns out, loves the movie to the same level as Vikram and myself. This then began a 45-minute-long quote session where we all sang the songs from the musical (some of the musical numbers are mildly offensive) along with quoting some of the dialogue. It was incredibly fun as Vikram and I have finally met someone else who loves that movie to a similar extent as us. Soon we decided to head to Brent’s place to watch a movie (guess which one). However, due to the “exhaustion” not all of us were able to watch the whole movie. Which is a great shame because it truly is an excellent movie. This was quite an enjoyable way to close my first and only weekend in Canada.