2400 miles, 14 states, 4 guys, 1 Volvo Part 2 (Saratoga Springs to Buffalo)

After weeks of planning we finally sorted everything out, and it was the fabled day of the departure. We were ready for the long drive, but before we set off, we had a few last-minute housekeeping details. Our first stop, Buffalo with a dinner stop in the birthplace of the Mormon religion, Rochester. It was around 3:40 pm when we finally left for our crazy road trip and, the drive was pretty ordinary until we reached Syracuse.

We hit an almost apocalyptic blizzard which reduced our visibility to practically zero.

Thankfully we made it through to our dinner stop. Nick Tahou’s Hots is an institution in this upstate New York town for one dish, the garbage plate. Named because it quite literally a bunch of different fried food with copious amounts of side dishes all piled onto one plate. When it comes to this dish, looks are incredibly deceiving because my god this dish was out of this

After the incredibly filling meal, it was time for a short cruise from Rochester to Buffalo, and it was the first of many driver changes. Coming from Singapore, I had to adjust myself to some changes. First, I had to get used to driving on the other side of the road. Next, I had to get used to different units of measurement, and last was the godsend that is, right turn on red. Before getting to Buffalo, we had to top up some gas. We found a tiny interstate gas station, but we failed to do was account for how cold and windy it is given our proximity to the Great Lakes. Carl decided that we all had to experience the ridiculous cold together as one happy family. After what felt like the world’s longest fuel stop we soon hit buffalo where we picked up some local upstate New York beers from my new favourite grocery store Wegmans and started our liquid tour of the country. Our AirBnB was located just across the street from a Denny’s which served as our late-night pit stop. The Airbnb was incredibly comfortable with beds for everyone. However, Jan failed to take advantage of this and spent the first of many nights on the couch. Jan sleeping on the couch ended up becoming an unfortunate recurring theme throughout the trip. We settled into the Airbnb and got up to our usual mischief before retiring for the night.