2400 miles, 14 states, 4 guys, 1 Volvo Part 1 (Planning)

As an international student in the United States, I’ve often questioned just how diverse the various states are. While they might be together under one flag, I was curious to see if culturally and even visually from a natural perspective if they were different. This opportunity to explore this manifested itself in the form of Spring Break.

Last year, I ventured to Canada, a traditional spring break locale but this year my good friend Carl presented a rather intriguing idea. Having purchased a car this year, specifically a Volvo XC60 with the 3.2-liter straight six-engine, he wanted to open the taps and explore the country. He proposed a drive from our college in Saratoga Springs to Nashville, Tennessee, a 1300-mile journey that would take us across fourteen states. However, as we kept planning the trip with our friends Marco and Janek, our fellow international friends, the distance kept growing and growing till we reached over 2400 miles. Furthermore, we found out during the planning process that only Carl and I could drive which meant we would be driving 1200 miles each throughout this crazy route.

The final route was as follows: Saratoga to Buffalo & Niagara Falls then to Cleveland, Louisville, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington D.C. then finally back to Skidmore. On this trip, we ended up crossing fourteen states and experienced not only some fantastic sights but genuinely fantastic food. We especially grew fond of classic southern comfort food and one thing we did consistently was “sample” local beers and spirits.
On the whole, this trip turned out to be genuinely insane. We not only got to see some parts of the United States that we have never seen before, but we as a group grew closer.