2400 miles, 14 states, 4 guys, 1 Volvo Part 4 ( Cleveland)

Today was our first day where we wouldn’t be driving off to an entirely different location but took it a little easy and went out to sightsee. The first place on our relaxing day in Cleveland was the famous West Side Market.

Nothing say's this place is awesome like a Pusheen Plush

Cleveland is home to some exciting dishes, my personal favorite being the pizza bagel which is precisely as good as it sounds. We also picked up some coffee, stuffed vine leaves, bratwurst sandwich, even more, pirogis and last but not least some fresh and creamy yoghurt.

After the wonderful meal, we decided to head to what is one of my personal highlights of the trip, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The museum is home to some amazing exhibits ranging from the history of Rock and Roll to old instruments and outfits used by some of the all-time greats. I was especially a huge fan of the Prince exhibit and the exhibit dedicated purely to the Rolling Stones. To be in a hall of fame of some of the titans of the rock and roll music industry was out of this world, especially to me as an ambitious musician.

Cue the huge amount of photos

Buddy Guy's guitar

Rick James' bass

Chris Cornell's guitar

Guitars owned by Darryl Hall and John Oates

Joey Krammer's (of Aerosmith fame) drum kit

The grammy Michael Jackson won for Thriller, the all time best selling album

Outfits worn by David Bowie

A snare drum from Charlie Watts, the drummer of the Who

An exhibit to one of the all time greats, Prince

After spending a couple of hours in the hall of the greats, we decided to explore the downtown area a little and to stretch our legs a little. The downtown area is very metropolitan, and soon we found a lovely little café to sit down before heading to a Mexican place for take-out and continuing our fun tradition of drinking local brews. 

We soon settled in for a night of banter and drunken mishaps.