2400 miles, 14 states, 4 guys, 1 Volvo Part 5 (Cleveland to Columbus to Louisville)

We woke up bright an early, well when I say we we woke up it was actually Carl and myself. I felt we were also pseudo-parents ensuring everyone was going to get up and prepare for the day of travelling. We were beginning to get into a stable routine for our road trip. Every morning, Marco and I would do a quick workout together comprising of core work and at least a hundred pushups. Then another subsequent regular event is when Jan would take roughly seventy years to get ready. We would also leave approximately thirty minutes after our intended departure. Nevertheless, we were eager to get on the road.

Today was our first long distance drive for we would be driving over two hundred and fifty miles from Cleveland through Columbus to our final destination of Louisville, KY. Since it was a long drive, we woke up bright and early to try and beat the morning rush. On the way, we Carl wanted to stop off near Canton, OH. Canton is the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Since Carl is quite the avid Vikings fan, we just could not avoid the museum. Only Carl and I ventured into the exhibits while Marco and Jan remained outside to look around the impressive football stadium that is next to the museum. At the beginning of each year, a ceremonial game is playing on what is known as the sacred ground.

During my time visiting the various exhibits, I learned a great deal about the sport which is one of the most popular sports in this country. So much goes on behind the scenes and on the whole, it was quite an educational experience.

One part of the exhibit which ended up being a personal favorite of mine is the presentation of all the past Superbowl Rings. At the time of the visit, it had yet to feature 2018 SuperBowl Champions, The Philadelphia Eagles who beat longtime favourites the New England Patriots at this year’s Super Bowl.

After the museum visit which also featured impressive technological advancements in the equipment used we soon headed towards Columbus where we met up with a fellow Skidmore friend Jemma. The drive towards Columbus was reasonably uneventful till we reached some of the more rural counties. When we were in one of the county’s we had an enlightening experience where a county sheriff was tailing us for a solid fifteen minutes. It turned into one of the more stressful fifteen minutes of my life. Thankfully we crossed over into a different county where he was forced to turn off, and we continued our journey south.

Eventually, we reached Columbus where we had noodles with our friend Jemma. She took us to her favorite Asian place, Pho Noodle House for noodles. It was great to catch up with a fellow Skidmore friend on our crazy road trip. We told her about the craziness we got up to on our trip. After the lunch stop, we headed towards the North Market on Spruce St. Much like the marketplace in Cleveland, this was a place where we could sample a variety of food. On this occasion, we only tried the ice cream.

I tried delicious goat cheese and fresh cherry ice cream. Marco got himself the same flavor along with a beautiful strawberry sorbet.

Soon we had to bid Jemma a fond farewell before we headed on our final drive to Louisville, KY.

The drive was uneventful, and soon after a gentle cruise, we ended up at our fantastic AirBnB. Soon we got into our routine after picking up more soul food since we were finally in the south. While at the AirBnB we found a fun little trivia game about the United States. Since we were international students, we decided to partake in this fun trivia game and add a little spring break twist to it. The night continued, and we as young college kids got into our typical ridiculousness which seemed to be the recurring theme throughout this entire trip.