2400 miles, 14 states, 4 guys, 1 Volvo Part 6 (Louisville to Nashville)

This was it, the day we finally go to Nashville. Our day started off with our usual routine except today started with an unusual twist. Our dear friend Jan decided to enjoy a little “beverage” in the morning that made a start to our short drive to Nashville very interesting. Louisville, KY is just across the Ohio River from neighboring Jeffersonville in Indiana. We decided to cross off yet another state by grabbing a spot of breakfast. We found a quaint diner near the state border line and got a spot of breakfast. Jan was very “enthusiastic” at this point that it mildly scared the old lady who served us our excellent breakfast. After the entertaining breakfast stop, it was time to head down South. We were all excited at this point as we have great food and spectacular weather waiting for us. On the way, the drive was unusually quiet, but things soon became quite eventful.

During the drive, we started to discuss James Bond movies. One of my personal favorites is Goldfinger which features the Aston Martin DB5 and a plot involving Fort Knox, the largest gold depository in the US. Fort Knox happens to be in Kentucky, and conveniently it was on our route. We took a detour and set forth to visit the largest gold depository in the United States. The road to Fort Knox was spectacular as it was through some hills and the roads were twisty and windy. It called for some sports mode driving, and I felt I put the brilliant All-Wheel-Drive system to the test. Eventually, we arrived at the Fort Knox visitor centre.

This is where the story gets interesting. We first parked the car then went inside to see how we check in. There was no clear signage, and it was very much an intense security checkpoint. We seemed a tad lost and confused then an army officer stepped out from the booth with his hand on his holster. He was questioning us, and when we told him we wanted to see the museum, he told us it was closed till June. We thanked the polite army officer then quickly ran to the car and drove out of there. It was definitely one of the more scary experiences in my life.

Afterwards, we soon did a driver change and stopped off in Bowling Green to give the trust Volvo XC60 a long overdue wash. Bowling Green gained recent fame due to specific comments about a fictitious shooting event from the current United States Administration. I digress, and soon the car was looking brand new as it rediscovered its shine. After that short pitstop, we hit the road, and before long we soon reached our primary destination, Nashville.

It’s glorious city skyline beckoned, and soon we stopped for a late lunch. A Nashville speciality is something called Meat and Three. What this is one meat dish served with 3 side dishes. We tried this staple at a small yet charming establishment, Monell's Dining and Catering.

The dining experience is family style. You’re paired with strangers who come together to share a love of proper southern comfort food. My god was this food spectacular.

After the overdue lunch stop, we soon headed for the nearest store to pick up local brews, bourbon before finally settling into our Airbnb. Marco had booked this, and he did not disappoint. We had a great space, and we settled in nicely.

First, we decided to sit back, relax and enjoy a few drinks before having a short nap.

After our rest, we soon headed to the Pinewood Social to meet with my brother’s friend Katie from his Kellogg days. Since Kaite and I were of age, we decided to sample some different cocktails before enjoying some fantastic food. What’s fun about Pinewood Social is that attached to the restaurant is a bowling alley. We decided a game of bowling was in order. What started as a friendly game soon became an intense competition particularly between myself and Katie.

Afterwards, we all headed back to our Airbnb for even more drinks and shortly we all crashed for the night.