2400 miles, 14 states, 4 guys, 1 Volvo Part 8 (Nashville to Charlotte with a mild detour to Atlanta)

The next day we woke up and continued our usual pre-activity routine but today started with a mild twist. Jan was repenting for his sins from last night, by sins I mean the incredibly spicy chicken he consumed last night. Nevertheless, we were looking forward to the drive today. Our destination today was Charlotte, NC. However, when we were planning the route this morning, Carl found an interesting detour we could take. At the time it only added an hour, so we decided to go to Charlotte via Atlanta. Little did we realize that the Atlanta detour would soon add about three to four hours of driving.

We soon hit the road but first a little bit of sightseeing. We decided to visit the famous Andrew Jackson Hermitage house, and, on the day, we visited, we ended up on a rather special day. It just so happened to be the 200th birthday of former president Andrew Jackson. There were numerous festivities to celebrate the occasion, but given our tight time constraint, we decided that it was better to make a beeline for the main house.

The original stood tall and proud and looked incredible thanks to a recent renovation. It was a two-story house with numerous bedrooms all kept in their original condition. The property had a large garden which was incredibly vast. All-in-all it made a good morning tourist pitstop.

Afterwards, we soon hit the road south to Atlanta, GA. The drive down south was quite spectacular especially when we got towards the southern Appalachian Mountains. At a fuel stop just an hour outside of Atlanta, we were greeted by these up and coming rap artists under the moniker “Nap Boiz” who sold us a copy of their CD. Much to our surprise, it was pretty good particularly their remix of Michael Jackson’s Beat It. The Nap Boiz CD carried us all the way to Atlanta. I was curious to find out in our short time whether it was more than just a hub for Delta.

My friend Lindsay suggested we grab a bite to eat at Ponce City Market. Before we could enjoy the food, we had to survive the horrific Atlanta traffic going into the main city. After about forty-five minutes in the slow-moving traffic, we soon reached the market. I settled on an Indian and Mexican lunch while the boys explored other options.

After our 4 pm “lunch” it was time for a driver change, and it was my turn to take the helm. We picked up some supplies in the form of local brews set the sat-nav north to Charlotte, NC. We assumed we managed to escape the traffic, but we have never been more wrong. We ended up being in a one-and-a-half-hour jam heading north towards the South Carolina state line. We had a five-lane highway that reduced to two, and the drivers around me had some truly appalling lane discipline.

As the light began to fade, we picked up the pace and sped across South Carolina, and we faced an interesting conundrum. Marco decided that he was going to leave us in Charlotte and fly back to New York to spend time with his Girlfriend. Since it is a spring break trip, we decided to leave him a generous parting gift, a colossal hangover. After a quick toilet stop in Gaffney, SC the pregaming began. I want to point out that since I was driving, I did not partake in the pregame until we reached our AirBnB.

After a solid hour of carpool karaoke, we reached our home away from home, and the nightly festivities began to ensure young Marco had a spectacular parting gift.