2400 miles, 14 states, 4 guys, 1 Volvo Part 10 (DC)

The next day we woke up bright and early and went out starting the day on a high note. We first headed to a nearby coffee shop for some fresh coffee and bagels before boarding the DC metro right into the heart of downtown.

Our first port of call was the National Mall. We decided to start near the capitol building and walk all the way down towards the Lincoln monument. On the way, we stopped to take photos of the various monuments along the way. While the boys were heading towards the Washington Monument. I stopped to have a glimpse of the first set of cherry blossoms that were blooming on the Washington Mall.

After some nature admiration, we soon headed further down the monument and soon we reached the Lincoln Monument and the World War 2 Monument. It was certainly an evocative place and the Lincoln Monument, in particular, had a huge presence about it.

Afterwards, we headed towards a brilliant burger place called Good Stuff Eatery. Good Stuff Eatery is a small burger place located near the supreme court and my god these burgers were so good. Since it was our first time at this establishment, we had to have the experience properly and enjoy the burger with some fries and a milkshake. We were heading to meet my brother’s friend Dawnthea who is simply a delight. She knew my older brother from being in the same dorm during their first year at Northwestern. It was good fun meeting her as we both looked forward to this meeting. We talked about my college life, my brother’s college life which was certainly quite the eye-opener.

After the burger place, we walked further down the street to sample one of the local coffee shops. We continued the fun conversations from earlier but sadly she had to run off as did we. I do hope to meet her again soon, I could easily see why he liked her, she is genuinely an amazing person and a talented writer. Soon after we headed to Georgetown to go to the Apple store to look at Carl’s phone. His iPhone had suffered an unfortunate error. Carl took his time getting the phone fixed, in the meantime Jan and I decided to do a bit more exploring. Eventually, we settled on visiting the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

Jan and I are huge Avgeeks so this was clearly a tremendous treat for us. One thing which we really appreciated about this museum is that they actually don’t have admission fees. We got to see aircraft such as the Wright Flyer (the first powered aircraft ever made) to the X15 and part of the original Apollo space module and replicas.

Carl eventually caught up with us and we headed back to the Airbnb to relax. I ended up going back to DC to meet a friend of my brother, Julia, for Japanese tapas. Carl and Jan decided on a night of more mischief. Carl had a feeling that they would run out of alcohol and this was made evident to me while I was at dinner through a series of ridiculous videos. At dinner, I was having a great time with my new friend Julia as we bonded over the various things we have in common such as great food and travel.

We were feeling quite adventurous and ended up having an octopus for the first time which was much better than I thought. Afterwards, I headed back to the Airbnb to help the boys replenish and when I got back I was in for quite a shock. Jan had completely shaven his head and we ended up having a few more drinks before settling into the night.